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We have reached those hot and sunny days of summer and with that comes the side effects that can be related to not listening to your body.  Heat illness can affect anyone, but children and the elderly are more susceptible.  You don't have to be exercising in the heat to be affected, any activity where you are exposed to the heat for an prolonged period of time can have such an effect on our bodies.  There are four levels of Heat Illnesses:

1)DEHYDRATION - when the body loses more fluid than is being replaced.  Drink water or sports drinks to replace fluids and avoid caffeine or alcoholic beverages.

2)HEAT EXHAUSTION -is the most common type of heat illness.  This is caused by decreased blood volume due to dehydration.  It is a non-life-threatening clinical syndrome consisting of weakness, malaise, nausea, headache, dizziness and profuse sweating, cool/clammy skin, rapid/weak pulse, body temperature at or slightly below normal.  Treatment involves rest in a cool environment and replacing fluids and electrolytes.

3)HEAT CRAMPS - are painful spasms of the skeletal muscle caused by dehydration.  Prevent by pre-hydrating and relieve with gentle stretching, ice and fluid consumption.

4)HEAT STROKE- is the least common but most serious, even fatal.  It's caused by either the body's cooling system has shut off, or blood volume is so low that the person stops seating and goes into shock.  Symptoms include: disorientation, unconsciousness, no sweating, hot/dry skin, increased body temperature, rapid/strong pulse.  To treat, provide rapid cooling and transport to the hospital immediately. 

The following are some suggestions on how to decrease the likelihood of becoming dehydrated: 

1) Drink fluids before, during and after exercise or exposure to heat. 

2)Check the color of your urine to see if fluid intake is adequate (clear/light colored urine indicates proper hydration).

3)Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

4)Take frequent breaks when in the sun.


Don't let these things stop you from enjoying your summer fun - just plan ahead to avoid one of the above complications.  AND .........  WEAR PLENTY OF SUNSCREEN






Did you know your insurance company will not pay for a "sports/school physical", but most insurance companies will pay for a Well Child Check?  If you bring your sports/school physical form with you to your Well Child Check, our providers will fill the form out at no additional fee.


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Caring for your family's health.

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