El Dorado Animal Shelter and Control

Pets available for adoption from our local shelter plus information about animal licenses and local pet ordinances.

Adopt from our local shelter

In Town Adoption Fees Include:

  • City tag
  • Adoption fee
  • Spayed or Neutered
  • Rabies shot (if old enough)


  • Male Cat:      $ 65.00 (in town)     $35.00 (out of town)
  • Female Cat:  $105.00 (in town)    $75.00 (out of town)
  • Male Dog:     $ 95.00  (in town)    $65.00 (out of town)  
  • Female Dog: $115.00 (in town)    $85.00 (out of town)
  • Out of Town Fees Include only the following: Adoption fee, Spayed or Neutered

Animal Licenses are required within City

All dogs and cats are required to be licensed and immunized with a rabies vaccination, which provides protection throughout the licensing period, upon reaching 4 months of age.  The licensing period begins January 1 and runs for one year; however, application for license may be made 30 days before and not more than 60 days after the beginning of the licensing period.  A penalty of $2.00 per month is charged for each month after March 1 for late licensing.  The licensing fees are as follows:

  • Each Sterile Animal - $5.00
  • Each Non-Sterile Animal - $40.00
  • Replacement Tag - $5.00

Verification of sterilization by a licensed veterinarian is required.  Cost for licensing unsterilized animals brought into the City or upon reaching the minimum age on or after July 1 of the licensing year will be 50% of the set fee. For your convenience, licenses may be purchased at the following locations:

  • Animal Shelter 222 E. Locust, El Dorado, KS
  • City Hall 220 E 1st, El Dorado, KS
  • El Dorado Animal Clinic 111 E Locust
  • Bluestem Animal Clinic 803 W 6th
  • Augusta Animal Clinic
  • Natural Pet Care Center 405 S Business Cr