Butler Community College

BCC exists to develop responsible, involved lifelong learners and to contribute to the vitality of the communities it serves.

Empowering students

  At Butler, we believe learning is something we do together...with our students and communities. It's a relationship that grows stronger through engaging conversations and diverse connections. Our purpose is to empower each student to be a principled, productive individual who is a responsible and involved lifelong learner.

With our renewed strategic priorities, we hold our institution accountable to you and will measure our success by how we: ensure student success, contribute to our communities, invest in our employees' success and advance our institutional effectiveness.

Learn for a Change

You'll discover learning is pretty powerful when instructors support your goals and give you personalized and often hands-on training. At Butler, we offer more than 80 degree programs and 30 professional certificate options - and most of our classes transfer with ease to four-year universities. So whether you want to enter the workforce right away, start on your degree or simply take some of your general education hours, Butler will provide a powerful education you just won't find anywhere else.

Personal and Affordable

From small classes and instructors who know your name to a traditional college experience, Butler gives you the power to follow your dreams - all at a cost that lets you live them when you finish. Butler is half the price of most four-year universities in Kansas and we have plenty of ways to help you pay for your education, with financial aid and scholarships.

With more than 13,000 students, Butler is the second largest community college in the state. Our main campus is in El Dorado, but we have centers in five other communities, including Andover, along with hundreds of courses online.

Pure Learning Power

Power is here. It's calling you, pushing you and demanding that you convince your future to come along for an inspiring ride. At Butler, power is waiting to change you.