El Dorado Main Street

El Dorado Main Street is a volunteer based organization which focuses on promotion and assistance to the preservation of downtown El Dorado.

Our Purpose

The health of a downtown is the very heart of a community's quality of life.  El Dorado Main Street is a volunteer based organization which seeks to enhance the positive elements of our downtown in a variety of ways.  Through the Four Point Approach, El Dorado Main Street deals with the full spectrum of interrelated issues that affect traditional commercial districts.  Since 1998, El Dorado Main Street has assisted the community and business owners in making downtown El Dorado the heartbeat of the community by attracting residents and visitors to the area for shopping, dining, festivals, and entertainment.  El Dorado Main Street has also supported and helped finance over $32 million in reinvestments and improvements to the downtown district through IWW loans and facade grants.  El Dorado Main Street continues working to preserve its assets through historic preservation and encourage future growth in this great community.

Join A Committee!

Board and Organization: Getting everyone working towards the same goal. Building consensus and cooperation among groups that have an important stake in the district.

Design:Getting Main Street into top physical shape. Capitalizing on El Dorado’s best assets, and creating an inviting atmosphere.

Festival: Help host the largest event in Butler County. Weekend includes concerts, BBQ contest, parade, heritage activities, arena events, trail rides, and more.

Economic Restructuring: Finding a new purpose for Main Street’s enterprises. Helping existing businesses expand and recruit new one’s to respond to today’s market. Help convert unused space into productive property.

Promotions: Market the districts unique characteristics to shoppers, investors, new businesses, and visitors. Help plan fun events and gatherings downtown!


Research for Historic District Designati

Over the past six months, the El Dorado Main Street committees have been working towards the goal of applying for historic district designation for downtown El Dorado.  Not only does this put a layer of protection over our valued historic buildings, it also allows for the property owners to take advantage of financial incentives to keep them in good condition and make improvements. 

Our first step was hiring Christy Davis of Davis Preservation.  She completed a survey of 156 buildings, determining whether or not we would be elegible for designation.  The results were outstanding!  65% of the buildings surveyed would be considered contributing buildings to a historic district. 

See the completed survey here.

Shop Local

Buying local puts your hard-earned dollars to work right here in your community - benefiting you, your family and your neighbors. Keep recycling your dollar. Keep our community strong. Keep our economy strong. Keep your neighbors working!