El Dorado Inc.

A public/private partnership to further economic development in El Dorado, Kansas

About Us

Mission- El Dorado, Inc. serves as a catalyst to stimulate economic opportunities for new and existing business/industry and to promote ventures and activities that improve the quality of life in the El Dorado community.

Teaming up with  private business and public entities, El Dorado Inc. is dedicated to the long-term economic development of the community. 

 Located just 25 minutes from Wichita, Kansas's largest metropolitan area, and at the junction of three important highways,  El Dorado is poised for growth.

 El Dorado Inc.'s program of work includes initiatives to:

  • Market commercial/industrial property owned by City of El Dorado 
  • Help new and existing businesses identify and access available incentives and resources
  • Promote job creation
  • Market El Dorado on a regional and national scale
  • Establish local and regional networking
  • Promote housing initiatives